Family Career Community Leaders of America

Q: "How much community service is each letter?"
A: Each individual letter is worth 30 minutes while the craft is another 30 minutes, this results in an hour per letter.

Q: "Will I have to share my address?"
A: Nope! We take care of the packaging and shipping, all you have to do is drop off your items at the front office during our designated times in a bag with your name on it.

Q: "Will the elders be writing back?"
A: As of right now, we only have elders who do not pen pal and only receive letters.

Q: "What if I want to quit?"
A: This project is meant to be a year-long commitment, however, if you must leave please DM us on our Instagram account.

Q: "Where do I find who I'm writing to?"
A: The google form containing who will be writing to who is listed in our google classroom and also can be found on the previous page by clicking "Current Writers".

Q: "Are there any fees?"
A: Nope! 100% free of charge.

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